This subreddit is reopened, read about verification here (you must be verified to post now) ⤵️


In order to be verified on /r/NSFW_Snapchat:

* Your account must to be at least one month old.
* Your account must have some post & comment karma. The exact requirement is not disclosed, this is at the moderators’ discretion.

**We will accept cross verifications from subreddits with similar verification requirements. Please send your imgur album with verification photos and a link to a post in a subreddit showing your verification status into modmail. Examples of this would be r/realgirls, r/petitegonewild, r/asstastic, etc.**

After this, this is how to get verified:

##Step 1: Make a sign

Make a sign on a piece of paper, which must have:

* Your Reddit username
* Today’s date *(this must be the same date as you submit your verification)*
* /r/NSFW_Snapchat

Crumple up the piece of paper into a ball, and then uncrumple it again

##Step 2: Take photos

Take 3+ pictures with the sign at a few angles.

**The sign must be entirely visible and readable in all pictures**. Whilst you do not have to be naked or show your face in verification photos, form-fitting clothing is a must (e.g. leggings, a bodycon dress, a bikini, lingerie…), and we must be able to see **a significant portion of your body** (i.e. at least from your shoulders down to your knees). This is so that we can match your verification pictures to your other posts. If we cannot match your verification photos to your existing Reddit posts, you will not be verified – sending photos of the same nature/quality as you have posted before therefore helps.

##Step 3: Get verified!

Put the photos in an [Imgur]( album and submit them to the mods using [this link](

We will respond as soon as possible and give you “Verified Snapper” flair.

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